#Tile Cleaning

About Tile Cleaning...

In Sacramento, CA we have really hard water, which I’m sure if you’re reading this you have noticed here at Sac Pool Pros we specialize in making your calcium deposit problems stress free you may notice that your pretty bright blue tiles are covered in white ugly scale and it just makes your pool not look attractive any more or you may have a white ring around your pool well first off I want to tell you that you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to replace your swimming pool tile because even if you do replace your swimming pool tile the white build up will be back in 2-3 years you can restore your current pool tile and save tons of money in the process at Sac Pool Pros we are here to help our process is very easy and simple

  1. We drain your swimming pool below the water line around 4-6 inches to create a nice clean work space
  2. We will then set up to blast your tile with our tow behind diesel air compressor we shoot glass beads or soda depending on the tile at around 80 PSI which is just enough to eat the calcium off your tile this will NOT damage your tile it will actually polish and make your tiles shine as the first day they were installed
  3. After we are finished cleaning your tile we will then vacuum all of the media out of the pool with a portable vacuum and hose off the swimming pool deck and surrounding areasĀ 
  4. Last but not least we will use a sealer on your tile that helps protect your tile from future build ups and makes them clean and shinny again!


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David Randolph