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Commercial Pool Build In Folsom CA

By Sac Pool Pros | Posted 11/13/2019
Commercial Pool Build In Folsom CA

I have been building custom swimming pools in the greater Sacramento area now for almost 10 years, but this is a monster of a pool. 

This project is by far the biggest one we have tackled yet, Our team has been working with Descor Builders in Rancho Cordova for almost a year to make this new community pool and spa in Folsom, CA become a reality.

It started out being just over a 5,000 sqft commercial swimming pool with a perimeter overflow system, we were actually going to have to truck the pool equipment pad in from a company based out of Australia that builds commercial pool equipment pads, it was a pretty cool idea. The whole swimming pool equipment pad comes pre built with all the pumps and filters already mounted and all we would have to do was excavate a hole drop it in and hook up the electrical.

Folsom pool

After lots of research and realizing how much detail had to go into the over flow system around this swimming pool we decided to shrink the pool down to just under 4,000 sqft and build a traditional swimming pool with skimmers even thought we shrunk this monster of a swimming pool down it still have (9) Skimmers! Day of dig was fun, we had to go thru an osha approved class to get certified to work on the property In Folsom, once we got in and started the layout, it took us about 2 days to lay out the swimming pool. Typically a regular pool that we build in the Sacramento area only takes around a few hours to layout.

Once layout was completed we started excavation with a tractor we had to rent because our 12000lb mini bobcat excavator was way to small to tackle this pool we ended up digging this commercial pool with a 55,000lb bobcat excavator, I will update this post as we get to plumbing and rebar thank you!


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