Proper Water Filtration / Circulation

Proper water circulation is imperative to the health of the water in your swimming pool as well as the finish. In this age of colored pool finishes, proper circulation is crucial to maintaining the evenness of the background dye. Chemicals are heavier than water and sink after they pass through the filter. The should be […]

What is Microglass?

I. Pool plaster is not exactly “waterproof.” Most people know that pool plaster is comprised of a variety of materials, including Portland cement, plus marble dust and/or quartz and/or other aggregates, and a variety of other chemicals and additives. But if you put that pool plaster under a microscope, you will see it is NOT a […]

Chlorine Pools Vs Salt Water Pools

When many people think of saltwater, they think of the ocean, with enough salt to sting your eyes and leave a taste in your mouth. Thankfully, salt water systems in a home or commercial pool are nothing like that. Instead, they are a creative, more natural way to reduce the overall level of microorganisms in […]

Why build a swimming pool in your Sacramento back yard Here are some reasons

For years, swimming pools have been a status symbol in Southern California, and even with the drought and water restrictions, it does not seem to be changing any time soon. Why, exactly, should you consider building a swimming pool in your Sacramento yard? 1. They are still a status symbol, especially if most of your […]

Why Choose Sac Pool Pros As Your Pool Contractor

Whether you’ve spent your entire adult life dreaming of your own backyard pool or your desire is more recent in origin, you may be wondering where to begin. While the Sacramento area has no shortage of swimming pool builders and pool supply businesses, selecting the right contractor can be the difference between enjoying the year-round convenience of your […]

Pool Service Year Round In Sacramento

Swimming pool service in Sacramento In Sacramento, pool service is a necessity all year round for those owning pools. There is a lot of pressure on people in Sacramento since most seasons of the year are favorable for swimming. There are several tips to keep a pool in good shape. Some of the key tips include; hiring […]