The Art of Pool Plastering: Transforming Sacramento Pools into Aquatic Masterpieces

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and longevity of your swimming pool, pool plastering plays a crucial role. As a proud pool owner in Sacramento, you understand the significance of maintaining your pool’s aesthetics and structural integrity. Whether you’re looking to revamp an aging pool or create a stunning aquatic oasis from scratch, pool […]

What causes pool plaster to deteriorate?

Over time, pool plaster ages and wears away naturally due to water exposure, chemicals usage, sunlight exposure, pool usage and pool use. Over time it becomes more vulnerable to cracking, chipping and discoloration as its surface wears down further. 2. Water Chemistry Imbalance: Poor pool water chemistry can play an integral part in plaster deterioration. […]

Swimming Pool Re-Surfacing & Swimming Pool Remodeling

We specialize in pool remodeling and resurfacing. Sacramento, California is our home. But the “Sacramento” part of pool remodeling is more about the complexity of the job than where we were born. If you’ve lived here a while you know pool contractors are famous for coming and going with each boom and bust. Over the years that means […]

Lemcy Tree Service & Landscaping Inc.

Check out our sister company Tree Service And Tree Removal Sacramento ( Lemcy specializes in tree removal, tree trimming & tree pruning services in the Sacramento, Area. Taking care of trees can be dangerous work. Don’t try it yourself. Count on family and locally owned Lemcy Tree Service to safely and efficiently take care of […]

Phosphates in Swimming Pools Causes Effects and Treatment

Phosphates in Swimming Pools: Causes, Effects and Treatment If you have noticed that your swimming pool is prone to algae buildup, you aren’t alone; almost two-thirds of pool owners face blooming algae twice a year. But just attacking the algae after it blooms isn’t getting at the root of your problem. Phosphates in your pool’s water are ultimately responsible for […]

Phases of building a pool in the Folsom CA area

Phases of building a pool in the Folsom, CA, area If you are looking to build an inground gunite pool in the Folsom, CA, area, you can anticipate the process to be completed through a number of phases.Most phases during the construction of your swimming pool build upon the previous one, although some may overlap. They each can […]

Chloramines and swimming pools

What are chloramines and should I keep them out of my pool? Most people think when the swimming pool smells like bleach that it’s a good sign that the pool is clean. Unfortunately, it actually means that the chlorine has combined with ammonia and nitrogen because of contaminants.  The result is chloramines, or combined chlorine, […]

Title Swimming Pool Chemistry Not as Easy as it Looks

It’s not unusual for people to want to add an upgrade to their house and one of the most popular renovations is the addition of a pool. Most people see a pool as a popular place to have a party, enjoy the warm summer weather in privacy, and stay cool when it gets too hot; […]

swimming pool automation

Automating the care and maintenance of your swimming pool can save you time and money. Owning a swimming pool does not have to be such a huge and timely chore if you implement some of the most recent automations that are available. Let’s a closer look at some of the things you can automate, so […]