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Keep Your Family Safe
As a safety device, the automatic cover completely seals and prevents unplanned access to your pool. And while there’s no substitute for proper supervision, your pool can be protected even when you’re not around. It’s the ultimate safety barrier every pool owner should have.

Water Conservation
A Cover-Pools automatic pool cover prevents up to 94% of water loss due to evaporation — helping you save on average over 24,000 gallons of water per year — according to a Cal Poly State University study on the Effectiveness of Pool Covers to Reduce Evaporation from Swimming Pools. Our covers also prevent evaporation on indoor pools, eliminating the need for expensive dehumidification systems.

Best-In-Class Motor & Mechanism

The driving force behind every Cover-Pools automatic pool cover system is our state-of-the-art mechanisms and motors. The stainless steel and anodized aluminum mechanism is specifically suited for the pool environment and contributes to the smooth operation and overall longevity of the system.

The New T4: Built for stainless steel cable


T3®-Evo: Strong, Stable, Easy to Install

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