Pool Plastering Sacramento

Sacramento Pool Plastering

Plaster has been used as a watertight seal for a very long time. For pool owners, pool plastering is also an affordable choice.

If you need to remodel a pool or construct a new pool, Sac Pool Pros in Sacramento, CA can help you learn more about the process starting with these facts.

Plaster Mottling Is Normal

Many pool owners worry about plaster discoloration. If it’s your first time to have a pool plastered, mottling may cause you to worry.

Shading variations are normal for any plaster. Defects appear less visible in white plaster, but this is common for all cementitious products. Pool companies will need to remedy mottling since it is not a defect or failure. However, they should explain this process to you.

PH Levels Affect Pool Plaster

Maintaining ideal pH levels is crucial to keep the plaster in a good condition for longer. When PH levels are below 7.0, the plaster starts to erode, making the surface appear rough. Above 8.0 pH, hard-to-remove stains and scaling may develop. Stains ruin the appearance of your pool, and they also contribute to water contamination.

Plastering a Painted Pool Costs More

Paint improves the appearance of your pool for a lower price. Painting is cheaper than pool replastering, but it is a short-term solution. It would take considerable work if the pool owner desires to replaster the painted pool later since the plaster crew needs to remove multiple layers of paint. Due to the difficulty in pool prep, pool companies often ask for additional charges.

Brushing Extends the Life of Pool Plaster

Regularly brushing the pool helps you lengthen the life of the interior surface. Aftercare instructions for a newly plastered pool include brushing at least twice a day for the first few days. Aside from removing plaster dust, brushing also helps prevent scales along the waterline, algae, and chemical buildup in your pool.

Some Plaster Inconsistencies Are Normal

Pool plaster is hand-crafted. Since it is not pre-formed or molded, the finish may be wavy or uneven. At night, certain light angles could also exaggerate imperfections on the surface of your pool.

It’s normal to see slight inconsistencies, but if defects are readily apparent during the daytime, it may be another issue. If that’s the case, contact one of the trusted pool companies in your area to schedule an inspection.

When you start to notice issues with your swimming pool that cannot be removed by cleaning, consult an expert. Schedule a consultation with Sac Pool Pros in Sacramento to help with your swimming pool problems. Work with an experienced contractor to know the ideal options and breathe a new life into your aging pool.