Sac Pool Pro’s In Chico, CA Now Open

Sac Pool Pro’s In Chico, CA Now Open

Sac Pool Pros is now open in Chico, CA

Licensed pool contractor serving Chico and Yuba City area

The natural beauty of Northern California goes hand in hand with the custom pools that Sac Pool Pros offices have been building for decades throughout the region. Our Chico operation—which serves Butte, Glenn, Sutter, and Yuba counties—continues the tradition of gunite pool & spa construction.

You can count on Sac Pool Pro’s high-caliber Chico team to build your backyard resort. 

When you select our Chico custom pool company, you get hands-on service from a skilled home improvement contractor. In fact, our general manager personally lays out every pool & spa, and he is onsite to supervise its construction from start to finish.

We have additional in-house technical capabilities. Our team of long-term employees performs key phases, including project excavation, plumbing, and electric installation.

Affordable custom pool construction and knowing the lay of the land

Building residential pools for homeowner is our specialty. However, Sac Pool Pro’s high-level expertise enables us to take on commercial projects as well.

We also understand the intricacies of backyard conditions that impact building. For example, soil conditions indigent to Northern California mean that some properties pose construction challenges from underground clay, rocky patches, or expansive soil. We have the skill set to address these issues properly.

In some cases, the rocky soil calls for jackhammering. But not to worry—along with in-house excavation, Sac Pool Pro’s is equipped for this challenge, should it arise.

Saving money while staying green and clean

Chico-area residents are conscientious about the environment, and they often run their homes and pools on the same solar panel grid. Sac Pool Pros shares these concerns, and we offer green options for pool maintenance.

Our SmartFeatures® make pool ownership easier on Mother Nature, as well as on pool ownership costs.

One is alternative sanitizers such as ozone generators and ultraviolet (UV) light systems. These technologies create healthy, swim-ready pool environments—but without the typical chemical loads and associated hassles and hazards.

In addition, Sac Pool Pros only uses cartridge pool filters. Because they don’t require a backwashing process to clean them, this type of filter saves thousands of gallons of water a year. Along with helping conserve this precious liquid resource, these filters boast extra-large capacity storage that reduces maintenance.

Another favorite SmartFeature® that many of our Chico-area pool buyers select is pool pebble interior finish

A superior product, pebble is tougher and lasts longer than plain marcite. This durable material also provides a more attractive finish for your pool’s interior you will enjoy for years to come.

Swimming pool financing options

Sac Pool Pros can help Chico area customers who are interested in a pool loan. Sac Pool Pros pool-financing expert helps clients with the financing process, drawing upon our national network of home improvement lenders.

These companies specialize in financing pool construction. 

Get started on an affordable pool & spa

If you would like to set up a free in-home consultation about pool design or what options might be right for creating your backyard oasis, please feel free to contact us.

We strive to develop pool plans to fit each client’s lifestyle, design choices, and pool budget.