The Shape of your pool is important

Deciding to put in a swimming pool is a big moment for everyone at your home. An on-site haven of tranquility, beauty, and exercise adds a whole new dimension to the reasons your home is your favorite place to spend your time. The rewards of adding a pool keep on going and going, year after year, but first there is the construction process, and before that will be a lot of decisions about all the details that will make it the perfect pool for you and your family. Besides the size of the pool, perhaps the most defining characteristic to decide on will be the shape. Consult with El Dorado Hills swimming pool builder about all the options for your new pool.

The back yard Look

Other than your personal aesthetic preference, you will want to consider a few other factors when looking at the array of pool shapes and designs. The layout of your backyard should influence your vision of which shape will work best as the focal point of the area as well as practical constraints of things you would like to do with the rest of the yard and how much space you will need for that. Think about what you want to use your pool for. Do you enjoy swimming laps or water aerobics? Do you need a shallow pool for the young children in your family? Would you prefer a relaxing place to recline and cool off? Yes to all! You can, of course, have all of these in one pool, or just the ones you really want; you just need to bring your ideas into the planning process. Are you picturing something with a natural watering hole or spring look, or something resembling an atrium or fountain, or a rectangular lap pool? You may also want to keep in mind what will fit in and look best within the context of the land around you, your neighbors’ homes, and your neighborhood. All these things factor in, but ultimately your pool should be the haven you want it to be. Trust an El Dorado Hills pool contractor to be your guide through the details and take advantage of their expertise and advice.

A kidney-shaped pool, long and rounded with one side curving inward, feels freeform and natural. This shape fits in well with manicured gardens and rustic natural yards alike, evoking the ambiance of happening upon a clear blue lake during a hike. This shape actually gives you a lot of square footage of the pool and is versatile, working with many different shaped yards. The organically curved edges really lend themselves to features like swim steps, sun shelves, beach entries, and lounge areas. This shape has gained a lot of popularity and its freeform quality makes it feel unique and custom-made.

Rectangular swimming pools are chosen frequently, and there are several variations with interesting details. A Grecian classic rectangular begins with the basic shape and clips off the corners with 45-degree diagonal edges. The end result forms something of an octagon and gives you wider corners which will likely be easier to clean than squared ones. This style creates an old-world ambiance and invites the possibility of adding other classical details, or is just as elegant as it is.

Another spin on the rectangular shape, the Roman classic rectangular, rounds out the two short sides. It also feels like swimming in an ancient palace and brings elegance to any home and yard, and alongside a garden looks especially reminiscent of its age-old origins.

The standard rectangular design affords lap swimmers and those primarily interested in using their pool for exercise a purposeful shape that takes advantage of the space you have. Rectangles make use of the space even in a small backyard and look great in any size.

An L-shaped pool can make swimming a possibility even if you have an oddly-shaped yard. If you’d like it to surround a side of your home, L-shaped fits easily. With this design, you can even combine one shallow side and one for laps.

Make any shape you choose your own and add innovative features to your pool. Choose from grottos, stone or pebble works, waterfalls, bridges, slides, mosaic designs, shelves, jets, and beach entries. El Dorado Hills swimming pool builder is happy to walk you through the shapes and features and answer any questions you may have. Contact El Dorado Hills pool contractor to get the process started and create an area in your home where you can relax and leave your stress behind.

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