Keeping up with your pool maintenance

Keeping up with your pool maintenance

One big dream of many homeowners is getting a backyard pool installed. Pools are a lot of fun, but they require maintenance, too. Regular maintenance can extend the life of the pool as well as keep it clean, attractive, and safe to enjoy.

Skim Often, Scrub Regularly

Skimming debris off the pool’s surface is a daily task that takes a load off your filter and keeps your pool clean. You can do this with hand tools or using a robot vacuum. Regular scrubbing of the sides of the pool can also prevent algae from building up.

Vacuum Your Pool

Your carpets aren’t the only things that can use a good vacuuming! Robotic vacuums or specialized equipment can suck away debris fast. If you prefer to use minimal to no chemicals, daily vacuuming can help keep your pool clean.

Clean Your Filter

Your filter clears out waste and other impurities. This could include insect larvae, leaves, sticks, dirt, etc. Filters are easily cleaned: just take off the cap and remove the basket. Don’t forget about cleaning your filtration pump, too! This is best done on a monthly schedule.

Sanitize With Chemicals

Chemicals like chlorine can sanitize and stabilize your pool water. They kill microbes, creating a clean and healthy environment for splashing around in. You can find both tablets and sticks that you put into your pool’s pump and filtration systems.

Watch Your Chemical Levels

The wrong levels of chemicals (alongside water PH, calcium hardness, etc.) can create problems. Chemical fumes may smell bad, excessive chlorine can irritate the skin and eyes, and the wrong balance of chemicals may even encourage bacterial growth! If you need help getting the right balance of chemical levels, consider scheduling a pool ‘check up’ at a swimming pool service Folsom.

Remove Oil Slicks

Everybody knows that oil floats on water. What does that mean for your pool? Oils like sunblock, body lotion, and hair conditioner can come off in the water and build up. An easy fix here is to toss in a few tennis balls. As they bob around, their fiber surface will absorb the oil.

Try a Pool Cover

Pool covers protect your pool from dirt and debris. These devices can trap daytime heat in the pool, great for those who swim in the evenings after work. They also prevent excess water loss during hot days. Finally, they add a layer of protection, keeping small animals or children from falling in. A service offering swimming pool repair Folsom can explain your pool cover options.