Swimming Pool Re-Surfacing & Swimming Pool Remodeling

Swimming Pool Re-Surfacing & Swimming Pool Remodeling

We specialize in pool remodeling and resurfacing.

Sacramento, California is our home.

But the “Sacramento” part of pool remodeling is more about the complexity of the job than where we were born. If you’ve lived here a while you know pool contractors are famous for coming and going with each boom and bust. Over the years that means a lot of pools built by a LOT of different contractors. Some cared about what they built, many did not.

This is why we use our own interior surface, tile and plumbing crews. It’s why we have experienced superintendents on every job (you’ll meet yours). It’s why we have a head of construction AND why both David and Chris, our owners, spend the majority of their time in the field. Done right, pool remodeling needs people with experience and judgement.

A Sacramento Pool Remodeling and Resurfacing Warranty that lasts.

Our warranty is one of the best in the industry. We warranty the total material mix on our Pebble surfaces for 10 full years! That’s significant because many warranties only cover the pebble. How can we do this? First, we control the quality.  We custom blend the materials.  Plus, our unique blend of Pozzolanic additives and pebble aggregate create an extremely durable surface. That lasts and lasts. Compare us to any other pool remodeling and resurfacing company in the valley!

Pool Plaster Prep

We refer to this as striping the plaster or chipping the pool plaster surface. There is a lot of pool plastering companies in the Sacramento area that skip this step and instead they will do a quick “pressure wash” or “sand blast of the surface to rough up the existing plaster so the new plaster will adhere to it. This is WRONG neither of these allow for what is under the older plaster such as hallows, gunite issues / gunite re-bound, ect. A complete strip out of the older swimming pool surface / plaster is what is best for any future delamination problems.