3 Important Aspects in a Pool Design

3 Important Aspects in a Pool Design

Having a gorgeous swimming pool that you can’t help but look out at is important, but it’s not the only aspect that pool lovers need to take into consideration when designing their swimming pool.  

The first item that you need to consider is:

Pool Usage

First, how will you and your family likely use your pool? If you envision lots of water volleyball, basketball, and Marco Polo games, a “play pool” with depths less than five feet may be best for you. For lap swimmers, a rectangular shape with long, straight stretches could be most useful. Families with small children may benefit from incorporating a wide tanning ledge for shallow play that also does double duty as a lounge place for moms to catch some sun! Plan to do a lot of entertaining around the pool? Consider a raised spa or raised accent walls that offer convenient extra seating areas for guests.

Low Maintenance

Some pool owners may love spending countless hours every weekend cleaning and maintaining their swimming pool, but most of us would like to keep the maintenance to a minimum and spend the rest of that time enjoying being in and relaxing around the pool.  You can save yourself time by:

Installing a sanitizing system (what each offers may vary, so make sure you choose the right system for your lifestyle and pool)

Using an automatic pool cleaner

Making use of automatic control systems that control the pool temperature, filtration, and more

Alternatively, you can always hire Sac Pool Pros to stop by on a regular schedule to maintain your pool for you.


When we dream, we dream big – sometimes bigger than our budget allows.  But all because one finish may cost more than you’re able to afford a good pool designer may be able to offer you alternatives that will give you the look that you want at a price you’re able to afford.